About Us

About Us

Thank you for visiting our community which has been designed to help meeting motorcycle singles and pillions easy.

A couple of years ago I got my motorcycle license (therein lies another tale for another day) which changed how I was using other online dating apps. I tried to filter through the profiles in search of like minded people aka those that rode! I was less concerned abou the colour of their hair and eyes and wanted to find people who shared my interest. It was tricky as not everyone had bike pics up and some didn't even state they rode. I am also in a few singles groups on Facebook and that is just as tricky as you can't search and filter to narrow down to location and age. So I decided to build a site that will hopefully change all that. And so Date My Bike was born - a dating and meetup community for riders by riders.

Let us know what we can add, improve, take away and ultimately make this a GOOD experience for you and not one you dread!  

Our ultimate goal is to connect you and your bike to your best tribe ever !

See you on the other side. 

TJ and DMB Team. 

#whyweride #madinvite

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